Private tours

Those who visit a museum with a group of friends , colleagues, couples  or families with children often prefer to book a private tour with Museum Affairs. Our private tours are customized, more personal and fun for everyone! For the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum, we offer the following tours for groups or families  up to ten people:

Van Gogh Museum

Predecessors, contemporaries and followers of Van Gogh
We view, compare and find Van Gogh's sources of inspiration and discover what makes him so unique.

Vincent van Gogh and love 
Many different types of love can be found in Van Gogh's paintings.

Vincent's letter
When viewing Van Gogh's paintings, we hear and feel the personal testimonies of a very emotional man.

Vincent and Theo van Gogh
We discover what we have to owe to Theo's passion for collecting and his unconditional love for Vincent


Meals in the Dutch Golden Age
On the basis of the household of a wealthy family and sumptuous still lifes of the seventeenth century - with their abundance of wonderful food - we experience what meals were like in the Golden Age.

During this fascinating tour we will dive into a world of remarkable discoveries, hidden stories and surprising facts.

Rembrandt van Rijn
Rembrandt is not only the greatest storyteller in the history of art, but he was also the number-one portraitist of Amsterdam. In this tour we discover who his models were and why we make a distinction between early and late Rembrandt.

Rijksmuseum highlights
In this multifaceted tour of the Rijksmuseum we will view as many highlights as possible

Each private tour costs € 110 per tour (excluding entrance wees). Can't find a convenient time? Please contact us. Do you wish to visit a different museum with one of Museum Affairs' guides? We lead groups of up to ten people in every Amsterdam museum of your choice.

Combined tour

For museum lovers who cannot choose, we also offer a combined tour of the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh museum. In this three-hour tour, we will experience the most important collections of Amsterdam. This combined tour costs € 200 (excluding entrance wees).


Museum Affairs / Annelies Zwijns

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50th anniversary of Rembrandt ‘s death

50th anniversary of Rembrandt ‘s death

Posted on: 2016-12-19

This year 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of Rembrandt ‘s death. Special exhibitions and presentations will be held throughout the year.

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Van Gogh’s adventurous

Van Gogh’s adventurous

Posted on: 2016-12-19

Van Gogh’s adventurous colours changed the direction of painting. Find out what colours he used in his palette.

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  • This tour is always surprising and never boring. After an hour and a half you will be back outside with a smile on your face

    John & Ivory
  • I don't like dry facts and too much information; this guide's approach is perfect and ensures the entire group is involved’

  • You come to view the paintings in a different light, learn more about the painters and discover all of their backgrounds. Grea